Message from the Mayor


     Culture is an alliances of values that contains in all kinds of knowledge, traditions, customs, talents, art and habits that the society and individual learn  and accumulate in the course of live.

     The cities carry the traces of the past to the future as the places in which history, culture and civilization emerged. From past to present, the traces of history, nature and individuals also make an important contribution to the formation of the cultural identity of the city. Within this context, richness of the city in terms of cultural and social activities, is one of the important factors determining the identity of the city.

     The urban museums forming the memory of the cities are also educational places created to train younger generations who learn and study by watching the past and the present and sharing the life story of a city, its historical and cultural accumulation with people of all ages living in the city. Accordingly, urban museums also fulfill the education function by bringing our cultural identity to the present and future.

     The establishment of “Edirne Urban Museum” has been carried out by Edirne Municipality with the support of Trakya Development Agency in order to strengthen our people’s tie with our city and to create townsmen with urban consciousness.

     Edirne, established in four thousand years B.C. by thracians who gave the name of Thrace, is home to many civilization and meeting place of different cultures and religions as it is a transit point between Anatolia and Europe troughout history. “Hafızaga Mension”, prepared for “Edirne Urban Memory Museum”, is a historic house that left important traces with its function and structure.

     Edirne Urban Memory Museum will connect the past to today and fulfill an important function in reaching the future by keeping the city’s historical adventure alive with its historical texture, education, culture and art, traditions and customs and also verbal culture documents of silent and hidden heroes living in the city.

     Edirne Urban Memory Museum will continue to function as a fertile museum. Sections we have established here, will crown our city by turning into a separate museum in later processes.

     In this context, artworks produced by our children who are the assurance of our tomorrow will be exhibited in the workshops that we will set up in the museum. Photographs, documents and all kinds of Edirne material that our people have will be taken over by the staff of museum and transferred to future generations. General information about the museum, all kinds of information and materials related to museum material and city memory will be accessable from the interactive environment through the web site that we have established.

      Edirne Urban Memory Museum is the memory of our city, its identity, its past, its continuity. It is the most valuable resource to be applied when editing tomorrow. Our purpose is that ; we want our people to see how a city they live in, to understand the importance of the city they live in, to recognize the value of the traces left by people who had lived in this city before. Our goal is also to gain the individuals who think “Can I make a contribution to this city?”

       I wish Edirne Urban Memory Museum will be useful for our city and national culture.
      My Best Regards.


                                                                                                                 Recep GÜRKAN                                                                                                                Mayor of Edirne


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