History of the Hafız Aga Mansion

Hafızağa Mansion is one of the example of civil architecture, located in the historic urban structure of monumental architectural works in Edirne. Hafız Ağa, the first owner of mansion, was a person actively involved in the political events of the period. The mansion, had witnessed the political developments in the late Ottoman period, also hosted the secret meetings of the Committee of Union and Progress. The property rights of the mansion were transferred to his son Bekir Kovankaya upon his death, to Bekir Kovankaya’s children Mehmet and Fatma Derviş in 1940 and to Fatma Naciye Kovankaya in 1967. The mansion was sold to Abdülkadir Akgün in 1989 by the inheritors and the Governorship of Edirne bought the estate in the November of 2000. The mansion, was built on stone groundwork adheres to split hall plan. All the rooms are accessible to the hall in the middle. There are total 8 rooms on the ground floor and the first floor. On the walls of the main room that is on the ground floor, there are hand drawn curbs and two wall paintings of Dolmabahçe Palace and a European city. There are two balconies upstairs, one facing the main facade, the other one facing the street. In the first floor hall, there are landscape pictures on the walls. Building survey, restitution and restorations projects, that were approved by the Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board, were prepared by ÇEKÜL Foundation. The Governorship of Edirne completed the entirely faithful restoration of the building in 14 months through meticulous work. The Governorship of Edirne transferred the ownership of the mansion to the Municipality of Edirne on 2015. the Municipality of Edirne has been decided to functionalize the Hafız Ağa Mansion as “Urban Memory Museum of Edirne”. Edirne Municipality Council was adopted establishing “Urban Memory Museum of Edirne” and its directive at its meeting of September 3, 2014 unanimously. Design works was began and the opening ceremony of museum is planning in May 05.2017.

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